Sonos Speaker behaving strangely


Before I go and start removing rules and binding to investigate I thougth I’d ask if anyone had encountered any issues with their Sonos speakers after integrationg them with OH.

So my issue.

I’ve had the Sonos binding and all my speakers on OH fine for a few months or so now but never actually used them in rules. I know they work correctly / channels linked etc as I’ve controlled them in both the Paper UI Control section and HABPanel, just to do the basic bits ie play / pause etc.

I’ve just added one speaking into a rule, I have Alexa turn a dummy variable on through myOH and then a rule runs…again all working fine.

The rule plays a sonos playlist at a set volume on a speaker in my daughters room, (nightlime lullabies). It also turns on / off a few lights etc. This all works fine.

The issue is the speaker seems to play the playlist and then just roll onto the general sonos queue so plays all night and if we try to control the speaker with alexa, (it’s a Sonos Play:One so has Alexa integrated), often the standard commands don’t work or she is often ‘busy’ or doesn’t react.

It may be coincidence but the speaker was working fine before I set up the rule, now it’s mis-behaving. Before I turn off the rules and mess around has anyone else had anything similar to convince me it’s a problem with the sonos rather than OH???