Sonos - Stop Discovery of Devices

I’m guessing some of you are having similar issues with the Sonos binding and the Sonos update 9.x not working together well.

As long as I use my defined THINGS for the Sonos units; everything works fine.

The issue I’m having is when I do a clean reboot (cache/tmp) clean up; the Sonos units get re-discovered and pop back into the inbox.

I have to remove these in the inbox before OH works with my defined Sonos THINGS.

Does anybody know how to STOP Sonos from being added to the inbox? I don’t want to stop the general UPnP discovery of other objects though.

Any advice would be appreciated . . .

Best, Jay

If ypu have not yet moved to OH 2.4, do it.
Then if you still have a priblem, let us know.

I’m running OH2.3 on a Synology NAS. I’ve been waiting for the Synology OH group who developed the SPK for it to move the package to 2.4. Haven’t seen any movement/discussion on it yet.

Not confident it would work if I tried to manually do it via the linux instructions that are published.

Best, Jay