Sonos voice control

I’m a little excited today over the announcement of the new Sonos One which is voice controlled. Anyone knows if this is something that we will be able to use in openHAB? I’ve never got around to setting up any voice control functions in my solution, just thought this might be a way :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken this “voice control” is coming as an update and it will need amazon’s alexa! In other words you do not need a new Sonos Player, however you’ll need alexa.

Its both. I have been on beta for a while. Basically if you already have an Echo and a Sonos you can now control the Sonos via the Echo (Alexa, play Radio 1 in the kitchen) and it will play it via the Sonos. This doesnt have much to do with openhab, the Alexa/Echo integration with openHab still works as it does today.

They also announced a new Play1 that has Alexa built into it, so if you get the new play1 you will also have an alexa and also be able to connect it to openHab using the existing skills.

Well, you do need a new player since the old ones doesn’t have microphones in them. However it seems you’re right, this is just an Alexa thing (or if I understand things correctly also Google integration sometimes next year). So not really as interesting as it first sounded…

Didn’t know the last part, thanks!
Do I forsee the price for used Play go down?:expressionless:
I might start looking.