Sonos Volume with node-sonos-http-api

Based on the current problem with the Sonos binding I have installed jishi/node-sonos-http-api on an Raspberry and control it with HTTP Binding

I can now switch it on and off with this item:

Switch Sonos_GF_Kitchen “Sonos Kök” (GF_Kitchen, Sonos) { http=">[ON:GET:http://openhab:5005/kok/play] >[OFF:GET:http://openhab:5005/kok/pause]" }

I can change volume with:

http://localhost:5005/livingroom/volume/15 (will set volume for room Living Room to 15%)
http://localhost:5005/livingroom/volume/+1 (will increase volume by 1%)

How can I control this with OpenHAB Items and Rules?


Hi @tnemrap,

You can can a URL with the HTTP Action :wink:


Is it possible to assign this to a dimmer object?