Sonos Widget "Receiver now playing"


I want to optimize my Songs Player Widget.

On the right side there is the title of the radio station. So the controls are in the right position. But on the left side there is only the TV turned on, so that theres a signal but the TV sends no text with the signal. In this time the position of the controls are a little bit higher because there is no text. So I want to say the widget that when the signal sends an empty text that it shows the text “Fernseher”.
The configuration shows like this at the moment.

![Bildschirmfoto 2020-01-17 um 10.47.40|690x59]

I think I have to change the text "ng-if=“itemValue(config.title)==‘NULL’”, but I don’t know how to change it…!? Does somebody has an idea…!?

Oh the picture wasn’t sent…here it is…

Maybe a if-else Funktion…!?