Can anyone give me a step by step on how to get sonos controls on the hob panel?

Do you mean HabPanel?

Not sure you’ll get much in the way of assistance with your question. The forum is here to assist when you find problems or don’t quite understand how something is meant to function.

There are plenty of examples around that should give you an idea of how to do something. I’ll admit that sometimes you never find what your looking for and other times you find it by chance.

What your asking is for someone to create your solution for you, that’s a little cheeky. I do however understand where you’ll likely to be coming from.

My suggestion would be to go and search the forum/google for examples, try and work out how you can change those examples for your needs and once you get stuck. Come back with your problem, show what you’ve done and explain what your trying to achieve. That way your likely to get more help and hopefully achieve your goal.