Hi All

I’m trying to integrate my 5 Sonos speakers with ophenHAB (I run 1.7.0 at the moment). I don’t want to create a user interface but I do want to have significant messages spoken through my speakers.

For example, if any of my numerous ZWave temperature sensors reads over 35c then I could shout “FIRE IN THE KITCHEN (bedroom/living room or whatever)!” over each speaker at full volume, while switching all my lights on.

If I’m away and I’m burgled, I’d like to say something like “Hello Burglar. I’m Nichola. I hope you didn’t hurt yourself breaking into my house. I’ve contacted my ADT security firm and they have contacted the police. A patrol car will arrive in approximately 4 minutes. I suggest you leave immediately if you don’t want to be caught. The quickest way out is through the landing window, onto the garage roof, then out through the back garden, where you won’t be seen by a patrol car at the front. The front and back doors are deadlocked and will not open from the inside. Better to take tail and run away and live to burgle another day, don’t you think?”

As I get older (I’m already old and my elder brother teases me with hints that I already have early onset Alzheimer’s) I may want reminders such as “Hi Vitch (that’s my nickname), Nichola here. Your care worker will be here in half an hour. Best to put some pants on before she arrives”

Or “Have you taken your medication yet? You know how grumpy you get without them.”

Or “Oy! Vitch! Wake up you lazy sod! Somebody came into the porch. Maybe it was the postman delivering that porn you ordered on the internet.”

You know. The possibilities are endless for an openHAB based personal assistant, all based on PIR and temperature sensors and patterns of activity. Not quite AI but a help nonetheless.

I currently do all of this using NotifyMyAndroid. OH sends a NMA message to my mobile, which then uses Tasker and Google TTS to speak to me in what I now think of as “Nichola’s” voice. However, I think Sonos would be a better delivery mechanism in many situations.

I can use OH to do simple things like stop and resume playing my Sonos players, which means that my basic configuration and bindings work.

However, I can not work out how to set up bindings in my items file, sitemap and rules to pass the name of a favorite or playlist to Sonos. The wiki information hints at how to do it but assumes too much prior knowledge and programming experience. I’m not a programmer. I used to be an engineer and I’m sure I’m like many other OH users in that I can dabble and experiment, read posts and apply what I learn but there is a minimum level of documentation that will allow someone such as me to configure my own system to do what I want and unfortunately, I can’t find anything anywhere that gives me enough clues to work this out for myself.

If anyone knows how to pass a favorite or playlist string to Sonos under program control, rather than a UI then please post your items, sitemap and rule entries here. It will be very much appreciated and may even spark a whole new use case for openHAB in helping old gits like me live longer in their own homes without help from social services.