SONY Binder and IRCC

I am a new and inexperienced user of OpenHAB on a RPi3.
I have installed the SONY binder to control my KD-65XE8577. It binds “simpleip” and “scalar”.
I have managed to create “buttons” and “switches” with {channels} discovered as scalar or simpleip,
I have also extracted the IRCC commands from my TV. What I CANNOT do, is send a command or create a switch with an IRCC command. I have no idea how to syntax the {channel}…
I have read the
and for example I need to create a button that sends the following command (found on the .map)
Should I create an item with this command? (how?)

A real example I use with scalar command to open NETFLIX is the following:

In the items file:
Switch Sony_TV_Netflix “Netflix” {channel=“sony:scalar:71d8a8fe-6683-44df-aa48-857dc5f9408a:appControl-com__0sony__0dtv__0com__0netflix__0ninja__0com__0netflix__0ninja__0MainActivity-appstatus”}

in the sitemap file:
Switch item=Sony_TV_Netflix icon=“netflix” visibility=[Sony_TV_Power==ON]

Any thoughts?