Sony Bravia, Android TV

Has anyone found a way to know what app is running on there Android TV? Specifically I’m interested in knowing when YouTube has been launched.

You should join us over on the Sony binding forum. If you install the DIAL thing from the binding, there is a possibility that you will see it (during a poll - there is nothing that will find it immediately). Why I say possibility is that new firmwares (like in the last 2 years) have removed the ability to determine which application has been launched. However, if you TV still supports the old functionality - the binding has a switch you can build a rule around that will turn on when the application has been launched.

I installed the Sony binding from the market (market:binding-3741544 - 1.0).
U can connect your Sony Android TV as a sony:scalar thing.

When the new thing is made, u need to verify OpenHAB to your TV via a code that appears on the screen of your TV (save this code, the binding can lose it sometimes and it could take a while for the code comes on to your screen).

When connected u can see all apps, sources and other settings as an item on the thing.
Sources and apps will be available as switch items and can be activated by setting the item to active (most of the times this item will also be updated if you change the source with the TV remote) . You can also add a string item with the name of the active source or app.

The binding works pretty good.
Hope this is what you are looking for.


Wow - the market binding is really, really old at this point and I haven’t updated it in years - you should look at the sony binding forum for the latest version (which has about a gazillion fixes to it).

BTW - I just retested and played a bit - Sony definitely broke the DIAL protocol in that it’s not returning what is currently running in any firmware that is perhaps 3 to 4 years old now.

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I did not noticed that, although there are a few annoying bugs in the binding…
Do you have a link for me to the forum, so i can get the latest binding?

Note that the binding is still in beta

Thanks! Did you use some of that old binding i mentioned?

I don’t mind using beta bindings.
Thanks for sharing! I will give it a try :slight_smile:
It is not in the market yet I think?

Huh - the one on the market was simply a snapshot of a fairly stable version. The latest and greatest is in that thread and it’s been an ongoing effort for years…

It works kinda good, that was why I did not looked any further haha.
Thanks though! I’m gonna take a look into the binding, it looks pretty nice!