Sony Devices Binding

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(Jonas) #481

yes. everything’s fine except the issue i mentioned above.
i control: power, volume, amazon, twitch, all channels and even IRCC commands.
if you like i can share my items file

(Killercorny) #482

Since I updated to OH 2.3 the sony binding doesnt show up anymore in paper UI. Marcetplace is active, but I could not find it. Whats wrong?

(Jonas) #483

you can install it manually by copying the provided binding into your addons folder:

(B R) #484

Will this work on Sony projectors? I have one of the VPL-VW285s and I’m trying to add it with no luck.

(Joakim östberg) #485

Hi, i deleted the scalar web thing since I had problems connecting to my TV. I would have hoped for it to show up in the inbox. But to add it as a thing again, I seam to need to manually enter IP, MAC, CODE and MAP. I don’t have a map. Is there a more user friendly way to get Scalar web to work with my Sony TV again?

( . ) #486

Is this binding still under active development? The most recent version dates from november right?

(Micael ) #487

I think not. I am considering my options for getting my vW760 to work with oh, and afaict, the only available option is to write a new dedicated binding. I am tempted, but I fear my java knowledge will mean it will take forever.

Maybe someone has already done something for the Sony projectors? (Open call)

(Tim Roberts) #488

I’m still here - just haven’t touched this in awhile (had some health stuff happen that has created an extended leave). I still plan on getting back to it because the latest version is a HUGE change over what you all have.


(Adrián Janeiro Lorenzo) #489

Thanks @tmrobert8. I hope you get well soon.

( . ) #490

Health stuff is way more important, hope you get well soon.

Contributing a new binding
(Udo) #491

I am looking for an example of a sony.things file.
Does anybody has configured the sony binding via things-file?

(Kiril Tsvetanov) #492

Man i’m really new to all of this.
I need some help.
I have a Sony TV (from 2018 model) and i managed to run openHAB and my motion sensors are up and running.
Now i need to find a way to controll my TV.
How to discover it ?
How to controll it?
What is a good “sitemap” for TV controll?
What happens when i plase an “addon” in the /addon folder?
How to see if something is working?
I plased an “” file there.
So what now ?
How to test?
Do i need to go in localhost and discover it ?
Maybe add same addon from there?

( . ) #493

I think there is no documentation available regarding .thing files for this binding. I added the thing through paperUI and it works fine.

( . ) #494

Adding add-ons:

You could login to the console to check if the bundle/binding is active and if not start it.

Afterwards, in paper ui you can add the thing Be sure the TV is ON.

(scott dee) #495

If you do end up getting it all tied together you’ll need to keep an eye on your openhab.log

I have a 2017 TV (iirc) and after 6 hours or so the binding takes a dump and openhab goes with it.

That’s my experience, yours May differ.

(Kiril Tsvetanov) #496

Almost done. I can see the “Sony Binding” in the Configuratin -> Binfings section
(Supported Things:Sony Simple IP and Sony Ircc)
My TV is very new (2018) I have enabled on it the Simple IP and disabled all the power saving options so it can listen.
Now i’m finding “Configure Sony Simple IP” from the input section. For the IP i’m giving my TV local ip address. For “Commands Map File” what do i need to put? For now just “remotetv” to test.
Now I can see that it’s with status “online” so nice i found it. Thats my Thing.
Not comes the hard part… How to add the “item”?
From here “Configuration -> Things -> Sony Simple IP” All the Channels that i select and create didn’t work. I think that none ot the “Items” can connecft to a “Channel”.

From my log file: “Simple IP TV System now connected”

( . ) #497

Do you have a model number? All channels under paperui > Configuration >Things > TV should be linkable to an item. My tv is recognized as scalar, so i wouldn’t know what to do with the map file.

(Kiril Tsvetanov) #498

My TV is a “Sony Bravia KD-55XE8096”

( . ) #499

Should be recognized as scalar if you ask me. Don’t know what you can do about that in the settings, maybe someone else has the same model?

(Kiril Tsvetanov) #500

I desidet to type it:
Switch Tv_Power “Power” {channel=“sony:simpleip:home:power”}
Dimmer Tv_Volume “Volume” {channel=“sony:simpleip:home:volume”}
Switch Tv_Mute “Mute” {channel=“sony:simpleip:home:audiomute”}
//String Tv_Channel “Channel” {channel=“sony:simpleip:home:channel”}

sony:simpleip:home [ ipAddress=“”, commandsMapFile=“”, netInterface=“eth0”, ping=30, retryPolling=10 ]

Frame label=“TV” {
Switch item=Tv_Power
Slider item=Tv_Volume icon=“soundvolume”
Switch item=Tv_Mute icon=“slider”
//Setpoint item=Tv_Channel minValue=1 maxValue=100 step=1

I’m having problems with the “Tv_Channel” but the rest is working. Hope it helps and if you can help with the rest (including “Tv_Channel”) :slight_smile: