Sony Devices Binding

You have been absolutely right.
SimpleIP was deactivated!

I will keep an eye on this after the next FW update.

Thanks a lot for pointing out!!

I may be able to spend some time on this as well, just point me to the API documentation and I’ll take a look at contributing.

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is there a special syntax for manual configuration of Sony Scalar Web in the .things??

Hi there again,
I found it out ! for others its done like that
create in transform folder then in .things add this

sony:scalar:sonyTv [scalarWebUri=“http://xx.xx.xx.xx:52323/dmr.xml",deviceMacAddress=“xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx”,commandsMapFile=“”,accessCode="RQST”, ipAddress=“xx.xx.xx.xx”,ignoreChannels=“analog” , netInterface=“eth0”, refresh=5, retryPolling=5 ]

Yes you can do it like this, but in my setup the port changes (randomly?) over time, breaking my thing definition

I am still around and the sony binding is what I’m getting back to (just finishing writing a windows installer for openhab). As I said, the binding should be almost ready to release and merge - should solve a number of issues presented in this thread (errors, port changes, etc) and give me a base to start enhancing (merge in @freke websocket stuff). Note however that the version will be FULLY incompatible with current setups as I’ve changed almost all the channel names.

I’ll let you know when I get back around to this…


Thanks for your work! However the already released (old) version is also worked fine for me from the binding side I think. The only problem I found that after a few minutes the TV will go into some kind of sleep mode, and it can’t be reachable from wifi… If I turn it on with the remote and wait a few secs, it is working again…
All Bravia TVs do this? How could I force the wifi to be always on? I have turned on IP control / Remote Control and there were a few signs in the menu which suggests that this is definately a feature to turn the wifi off. Can you or anyone help me?


I think I read something about this in the home assistant documentation or forum so take a look over there, I think it was a Kodi reboot message woke the TV up. I have found my Android based Sony TV will wake up when I try to cast to the TV, so perhaps a work around could be to use the chromecast binding to cast to the tv to wake it up. Personally I prefer a cat6 connection over wifi.

I have an older Bravia, so there is no Android TV and Chromecast functionality. It has this older Bravia software with its preloaded apps.

then connect a real chromecast and use CEC to wake the TV up if the TV supports CEC.

Yes this can be an alternative method. But are these TVs really work this way? You have to use tricky methods just to power on the TV remotely?

I’m betting the problem is that you are going via the wifi port. I have a feeling they (sony) probably power down the wifi in sleep and there really is nothing from an IP perspective that can wake it back up. Does your TV have an ethernet port (assuming it does)? You may want to just get an old router and have it act as a wifi client and plug it into your ethernet port (which shouldn’t power down on sleep). Alternatively you could by something cheap like that allows wifi client functionality.

Note: this is guess work. You may want to move your TV to somewhere that you can connect to the ethernet port first to see if it’s active when asleep before buying/doing alot of work…

Yes I think this is why I can’t really use this binding.

I will try with cable soon (with an old router) and see if that helps. This is not my main TV so this is not really important to work, but would be great if somehow this will work!


Hi Tim,
I’m also having Sony android TV and never used your binding but I’m watching this topic closely waiting for the updated version.
Once you push the latest version I’ll give it a try and I could also help you with the code maintenance/bugfixes if my schedule allows it.
I guess it doesn’t make sense to do so now with current release, right?


i am so thrilled for the release <3

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After updating to Android TV Oreo the openhab binding (Scalar) can not connect anymore to my Sony XE93… I gdt the request for the PIN on the TV screen and after entering the PIN in openhab the TV says it’s connected. But the openhab thing is still in the status “offline - communication_error”…

anyone knows how to fix it??

When is the release of the upgraded binding? :slight_smile:

Just a quick update for everyone. Had a bit of a set back in that I lost a bunch of work that I did on this binding (was a long story). I’m redoing that work right now and hopefully will have something for people to test in a few weeks.

Once it seems stable enough - I’ll probably submit it to be merged into the main branch.

Then I’ll start integrating @freke work into it (or maybe work with @freke to merge his sonyaudio binding into mine now that we are all one happy openhab community!)


Can’t wait. Keep up the good work! :+1:

Just giving everyone an update. I’m testing through the new binding (about 75% done right now). Here’s the roadmap that I see:

  1. Finish local testing (probably next week)
  2. Ask the brave one’s to test out the new binding (guarantee there will be issues!)
  3. Make fixes and do iterative releases
  4. Once it becomes stable - I’m going to freeze development and go for a merge review
  5. The merge review will take forever (code base is huge and I’m sure there will be code issues to address as well).
  6. once the merge is complete - I want to bring the sonyaudio binding into it (either merge or duplicate)
  7. Would love to also merge in the sony projector binding - but that’s up to them
  8. Finally, rework the discovery process to be model based rather than service based (still need to think how this will occur)

Happy to hear :slight_smile: i am in!