Sony Devices Binding

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(Tim Roberts) #81

Yeah - that was the discovery process giving you the message (which happens automatically when the tv broadcasts that it exists). I’ll take care of that in the next version

(Tomibeck) #82

Hey Guys,

Great work on this Binding. I have a W905 so i was not really expecting it to support the IP API. When i installed the Binding yesterday it discovered my TV as two things. w905 Dial and w905 IRCC. SO far so good. i added the things but they directly went offline without me changing anything on the TV. I could find any Menu to activate those functions any guesses ?


(Andi) #83

Should the binding read the status info from the TV? The binding e.g. does not recognize when i switch from TV to HDMI with the remote control, but does change inputs when i trigger it from OH. I am using SimpleIP.

(Thomas70) #84

Sorry for the late answer. Powersaving is off

(Tim Roberts) #85

FYI - out of town until monday - I’ll address the latest posts then…

(Tomibeck) #86

Any Update to this one?

(Mark) #87

Hey all, does anyone know to get a code from a BDP S470? The Sony Media Remote app doesn’t appear to be available anymore. I can get the binding to see the player while it’s waiting to pair, but I can’t get a code. Stupid Sony pulled the app and doesn’t have anything to replace it. At least not that I could find.

I tried downloading the apk from a site but it errors trying to install.


Here’s the official word from Sony on Media Remote being EOL’d,66/kw/media%20remote%20app/session/L3RpbWUvMTQ4NDcwNjA1My9zaWQvUGJoMmlZOG4%3D

The app they replaced it with finds it but doesn’t appear to work. The killer is that it doesn’t show the code so I can’t configure the binding. I hate being so close and not being able to get it. Grrrrrrrr…

If nobody has any ideas I’ll just go get a S6500.



(Mark) #88

Success! Moving to a BDP S6500 worked like a champ! It identified the DIAL and IRCC things right away. It took a few tries to get the IRCC code in because it was timing out faster than I could enter the code. I think the problem was that I had tried to put a code and mac address in the DIAL thing and I believe that was causing weirdness. Once I cleared that out the IRCC registration stayed on screen with one code until I had it entered. Now on the player I see openHAB as a registered remote. Pretty cool! I’ll move the S470 to the upstairs TV and hang an iTach with IR emitters on it and the TV.

Thanks for all the hard work Tim! (Not Tom, Tim! Tim! Tom, you sound like a nice guy too.)


(Tomibeck) #89

SO i made the IRCC thing working now by putting in the MAC manually. Dial is not working however you mentioned that this only works with players right now. Am i correct that i can only tun the tv on and off with ircc? I did not have to generate a key it just started working.

(Tim Roberts) #90


Using the ircc channel - you should be able to send it any of the commands listed in the generated map file (this is case sensitive). I’m really interested in how it just started working (should have required the key exchange). Can you check your tv to see if the tv has it’s network authentication turn on (and if so, are you using a preshared key)?

Note: the next version of this plugin is addon to have some major changes happening (I’ve taken alot of Kai’s feedbacks and applied them to this addon). Probably have the next version next week.


(Tim Roberts) #91

Mark - glad it’s working. I’ll make note about the mac address (as other’s have noted as well). That code is really the downside to all this (and is what is preventing the dial thing from working on tvs right now) but it’s how sony has implemented it. There is going to be another update late next week that should make this even more stable.

(Tim Roberts) #92


Yes the simpleip binding should get the status from the tv. However, I’ve noted that my tv sometimes takes up to 10 seconds to notify the binding after the change. The simple ip binding has gone through quite a bit of rework this last few weeks - wait until I publish the next version (next week) to see if there is an issue still.


(Tim Roberts) #93


There is really not much I can do about this if it physically turns the tv on (if it didn’t, I could keep the connection alive by occasionally sending a WOL but don’t want to do that now because that would simply keep turning your tv on).


(Tomibeck) #94

Thanks Robert,

Ill have a look into the settings this week and see if i can find anything. Observations so far:

  • Sony iPhone App triggers a code being displayed on the TV to pair it.
    -OH2 binding Doesn’t Auto discovers thing but doesn’t trigger the code being displayed
    -OH2 Binding Starts working as soon as i enter the Mac Address of the TV


(Thomas70) #95

I understand. Turning ON automatically is not a big deal anyway.

(Tim Roberts) #96


Your observations are correct and will be changed in the next version (the pairing code was commented out because I was testing something and forgot to uncomment). I’m also removing the need for the mac address (will only be needed if you want to wake on lan automatically).

Please note that the next version radically changes the channels for IRCC (I’ve gone to channel groups as suggested to Kai) - so you may want to wait until the next version before doing a bunch with this.


(Tomibeck) #97

Okay. makes sense gonna wait for the next release. Where is this MAP file actually stored?

(Tim Roberts) #98

You’ll find it in the transforms directory. Some bad news - apparently on my tv (X830C), a recent firmware update removed the whole IRCC discovery/registration interface (the IRCC service is no longer advertised nor can be discovered and prior URLs no longer respond). IRCC still works on my bluray player however.

Looks like they are really pushing me into their next gen interface (XWebScalar). That was the next interface I was going to address and that may be sooner than I assumed.

In a few days, I’ll be uploaded my latest and you can try it - but I’m less sure whether IRCC will continue to work with bravias (may need to wait for XWebScalar implementation)

(Tim Roberts) #99

I just uploaded a new zip at openhab2-addons. Please give this a try. A few notes:

  1. Autodiscovery has been changed to interrogate the device rather than rely on what it advertises as supporting. SimpleIP will not show up if the tv doesn’t support it, IRCC won’t show up, etc. Please rediscover your devices to see if they actually support the services they are advertising
  2. SimpleIP thing has a much better network controller now and should function a bit better
  3. IRCC saw alot of changes - ALL CHANNELS HAVE CHANGED! As per Kai, I used channel groups and renamed most of them - please see the readme in the zip file for details. Additionally, appears IRCC is starting to be removed in the most recent firmware updates - autodiscovery will detect whether your device still supports IRCC or not.
  4. If you device supports IRCC - the pairing process has been fixed and should work now.

The next version of this binding will support the latest protocol - WebScalar (which seems to be what all the devices are moving to). I’ll let you know when that’s ready…


(Tomibeck) #100

Hey Tim,

gave the new Version of the Binding a very quick try. Seems like its not recognising my TV at all. I just switched to the newer Version of the Binding. Didn’t change anything on the TV.

Bravia KDL-55W905

Thanks for your work