Sort Rules in PaperUI

Hi All,
I am using openhab now since a couple of years and it’s great.
Nevertheless I wanted to start tuning it a little bit and the first step is working with rules. I have roughly 80 rules and I cant find any scheme in how the rules are stored and why the get their IDs in the way they do it. I would like to sort my rules but how can I do this. I tried using naming conventions and other ways but it looks like they are stored “in an erratic way” and cannot be sorted.
Any Idea how I could realize sorting?
A grouping feature for the rules repository would be great!

best regards

I am using always the latest stable version on raspberry Pi

They are sorted by the rule UID, which you can see under the rule name. In Paper UI, you cannot sort them. The new UI in OH3 has many features for managing rules in the UI, so wait for it to stabilize.

Thx for th information - can I change the UID to sort them and if yes, where can I change it?

Unfortunately, no. There used to be a prefix allowed to the UID, but something changed a while back. I don’t recall exactly and would need to look at the code to refresh my memory. Either way, there is no functionality in Paper UI to change the rule UID. Definitely something to loop back to, but low in priority for me, especially if resolved in OH3.