Spam from openhab?


Lately, I’ve begun receiving spam to the email used with openhab. This email is used only here. Announcement for product that can be used for automation from various maker. It seems the email database was leaked?

Also, my girlfriend started receiving random android notification from the android openhab software, connected to openhab cloud, with random message. I don’t get them, so it’s sent only to her account on the cloud. I think there’s a security breach somewhere.

Thank you

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Thanks for the heads up.

Is that your real e-mail address by your name?


No, you published your email address here yourself.

Nodiaque  [redacted]

That is a known issue that happens occasionally. I can’t find the thread or issue where it was discussed… @digitaldan?

Wow, why is my email there…

Wow, I don’t know why my username was changed as my email. Could you edit your post so my email isn’t there anymore? Thanks



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