<span ""> value </span> on web page?


I’m new to OH but first things are starting to work there is however 1 thing I can’t get resolved when I go to “server:8080/openhab.app?sitemap=test” and for instance select battery status it displays following;
Battery <span style"">99%

my test.sitemap has;
Group label=“Cellar” icon=“cistern” {
Text label=“Flooding sensor washing machine” icon=“bath” {
Frame item=nuFibFlood_Battery label=“Battery [%s %%]” {

and fibaro_smoke_sensor.items;
Number Z_Entrance_Battery “Smoke_sensor_batt [%d %%]” { zwave=“4:command=battery” }

Why is it showing the additional information and how can it be solved?


What additional information are you seeing?

I can point out that your sitemap is not valid. There are too many errors and not enough information for me to correct it so I’ll point out the errors. Please see the Explanation of Sitemap wiki page for full documentation.

A Group should refer to an actual Group referred to in your .items file. Using a Group on your sitemap will, when clicked on, open up a frame listing all the members of the Group. I think you intend to use a Frame here.

I don’t understand what you are trying to do here. You must have an Item associated with a Text field. You can’t just add a naked label to a sitemap using Text.

This needs to be a Text, not a Frame. A Frame is a way to put a group of things into a subframe (i.e. click on the frame title to open up the members). Unlike a Text field, a Frame never has an item attribute.

This line completely incomplete and in error.

Please review the wiki page linked above and look at example sitemaps (bottom right side of the wiki pages) for how a sitemap should work.

Hi Rich,

thanks, everything ok now.