Speaker can not be added as preferred speaker in a alexa group


I set up some players to be speakers for Alexa. Works perfect and Alexa can control them.
I can also add the speakers to groups in Alexa (e.g. livingroom) and say “Alexa, turn myplayername in livingroom on.”
But I can not add these speakers as preferred speaker for a group, so that it would be possible to say “Alexa, turn music in livingroom on”.

I use Endpoint.Speaker on a openhab group and PlaybackController.playback, Switchable and Speaker.volume each on a appropriate channel of my stereo system.

Am I doing something wrong or is this not yet supported by the alexa smarthome binding?

Try looking thru the post on this search link https://community.openhab.org/search?q=speaker%20%20topic%3A37844

From my understanding, the preferred speaker functionality is unfortunately only supported by Echo devices and some approved third party speakers (e.g. Sonos). I think this integration is not only about sending commands to a device but actually about the ability to stream music to a single speaker or a bunch of them when added to a speaker group.

I am using Sonos speaker (the older ones without an incorporated echo part) and they setup as my preferred speakers.

Thanks for the explanation. What a pitty. I thought its enough to define an appropriate endpoint that alexa would accept as a multiroom device:-(

No worries. I found this documentation that corroborates my initial thought. As I expected, it is restricted to commercial device makers with multi-room protocols for music playback.