Speaking with the door


I would like to speak in my iPhone-App-OpenHab2 and someone at the front door can hear me and gives me an answer.
For that i want to use my iPhone, my RaspberryPi3 and on the other side my Sidle doorstation with Mic and Speaker. Mic and speaker are connected to a USB Soundcard.
Has someone an idea how I can manage this?


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I wasn’t able to find a way to do this. openHAB itself doesn’t have capability, and the various open source options (e.g. mumble) don’t work well in this situation.

What I ended up doing was recording a series of messages for the most common visitors to the door (friends, delivery people) and then having a recording triggered by an openHAB button. That works sufficiently well that, whilst I’d still ideally like to be able to have full two-way communication, it’s not a huge priority.

Thanks, for the quick answer.
Do you think it is impossible to communicate bidirectionally or is it impossible to speak into the iPhone and the sound comes from the sound card?

Please implement a smart door who’ll do knock knock jokes

It’s absolutely possible, just not possible to integrate into openHAB and no obvious open source solution. You can get a hacky solution with something like Skype, if you set up Skype with auto-answer on the computer connected to the front door audio. Then when someone rings the door you get a notification to your phone (that bit is easy) and then you use Skype to call the door.