Spice up 🔥 your sitemap with unicode symbols 💪🐱

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Ok, for seeing how different browsers behave I now also tested under Edge (Win64). Same as with Chrome, the Unicode symbols are first not shown (double diamond with question mark per symbol). Yet after an update of one of the items in a particular view, all of the Unicode symbols are shown in Edge. Interestingly, this does not happen with Chrome, here only the item that was updated shows the correct Unicode symbols.

Any specific suggestions for user-agent strings to test with Chrome and/or Edge to see if the behavior changes?

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Has anyone managed to solve the moon symbol issue in Basic UI. I still only see diamonds and questionmarks

Any update on a fix for this issue? It seems that in OH2.5 M1 the issue is still not fixed.

It would really be great if this could be fixed. Any news?

This problem really bugs me and I investigated further, and here are some more insights on the issue. Unicode characters work, theoretically. Any unicode character below U+FFFF will work out of the box such as :watch: which is U+231A. However, anything beyond U+FFFF is not supported out of the box since Java can only encode things up to “\uffff”. For example, :new_moon: which is U+1F311 does not work. This means that characters beyond U+FFFF are encoded as UTF-16 using two characters, called surrogate pairs. So :new_moon: would be split into the two characters U+D83C and U+DF11. You can see this if you open the “source” version of a page which contains the correct UTF-16 characters. And while browsers normally can deal with this issue just fine (you can copy the surrogate pair characters and search for them), something prevents (some script?) at least current versions of Chrome and Edge from correctly parsing the UTF-16 surrogate pair. Upon the update of a field a different mechanism seems to kick in such that either the characters are somehow sent as UTF-8 or whatever prevented the surrogate pairs to be interpreted correctly is now no longer active. Does anyone have an idea of how to address this issue? Maybe @ThomDietrich?

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