"Spoken Feedback" selection shows no items

I’m playing a little bit with HABpanel. Unfortunately the selection (“Speak the new value of the following item when it changes:”) shows no values, only an empty one.

I’m using

  • openHAB
  • HABPanel User Interface
  • on a Raspberry Pi 3 without item files.

Is this a general error/problem or something specific?

On my setup the items are shown, the difference is I use an item file. (I’m on openHAB 2.0.0~20161227112533 (Build #677))

Thank you for your answer.

I added some items (without binding) via items file. Unfortunately I don’t get any items in the selection list. Even the browser can’t be the problem. I tested Chrome (54.0.2840.99 m (64-bit)), Firefox (50.0.2), IE (11.0.14393.0) and Edge. All the same: I don’t get any item.

Anybody any idea?

I lose some items some times… but when i lose them it does not apear in the rest API interface (openhab2) When this hapen i have to restart openhab

Unfortunately all items are returned by the REST API. RPI restart didn’t changed anything, I don’t get any items in the selection list. :frowning:

More ideas?

Found the reason. Only items of type String defined in an items file are provided in my selection list.

@opus and @Dominic_Bonneau can you confirm that?



@ysc can you say something about the mentioned feature and if this is a bug or not?

That’s right, only String items are displayed and can be used.
Define it in a .items file, and use an openHAB rule to set it and then clear it immediately, for example:

postUpdate(VoiceFeedback, "Away mode engaged, temperature: " + Outside_Temperature.state + "degrees. Have a good day")
postUpdate(VoiceFeedback, "")

openHAB also has a more robust TTS system now, and can generate an audio stream that can be played through HABPanel if using the webaudio sink, check the official docs for more info.