Sporadically getting the error LIBUSB_ERROR_INVALID_PARAM

Hi everyone,

I am (very sporadically) getting the error LIBUSB_ERROR_INVALID_PARAM from my RTL-SDR dongle. Im using the dongle together with rtl_433 to decode my 433MHz temperature sensor and also my doorbell. Most of the time it works very well, but sometimes that error occurs.
The real problem begins when this error permanently fills up my log files (no matter what log rotation is setup) and in the end fills up all the space on my device.
Then I have to physically disconnect the RTL-SDR stick, restart the raspi (Raspi 4 btw) and remove the then gigabyte-sized logfiles.

The full error message is:

Jul 4 00:00:16 openHABianDevice rtl_433[27679]: Check your RTL-SDR dongle, USB cables
Jul 4 00:00:16 openHABianDevice rtl_433[27679]: LIBUSB_ERROR_INVALID_PARAM: Invalid parameter!

Did anyone encounter a similar error?

Kind Regards,