Spotify Connect - paper ui vs android ui issues

Hi, I am new to Openhab and have started by installing the binding for Spotify Connect and have some issues I would like advice on. I followed this advice BInding for Spotify Connect Devices and managed to get a working sitemap.

sitemap spotify label="Spotify"{
     Frame label="Spotify Player Info" {
        Text item=trackDuration    label="Track duration: [%s]" icon="none"
        Text item=trackName        label="Track Name: [%s]"     icon="none"
        Text item=albumName        label="Album Name: [%s]"     icon="none"
        Text item=artistName       label="Artist Name: [%s]"    icon="none"

        Selection item=trackPlay label="Playlist"
           mappings=["spotify:user:tc4hhdz0...9kcel:playlist:3pbg...WJEh3aziqhmb"="first List",
                     "spotify:user:tc4hhdz0...9kcel:playlist:77SE...NJwdP1dzBJZL"="second List",
                     "spotify:user:tc4hhdz0...9kcel:playlist:4f65C...1RWgYRFOmrok"="third List",
                     "spotify:user:tc4hhdz0...9kcel:playlist:5LF...OgeCzWx1qzXVSRaM"="fourth List"]
        Text   item=deviceName    label="Current Device Name"     icon="none"
        Slider item=deviceVol     label="Current Device Volume"   icon=soundvolume
        Switch item=trackShuffle  label="Current Device Shuffle"

        //Player item=track1Player
        Switch item=device1Player label="GOLD Control"
        Switch item=device2Player label="David's Tablet Control"
        Switch item=device3Player label="Living Room TV"
        Switch item=device4Player label="Douglas' Room TV"



If I try to use the Player item to insert a control the sitemap does not get created. I used the Switch type as mentioned in the instructions and a sitemap is created. On my mobile this gives me a switch icon with no control. In PaperUI control a play control is present which allows me to skip tracks etc.

I had to guess the bridge set up - this and the items map is shown below.

Bridge spotify:player:SpotBridge  [ clientId="92c........ba1d8e87ade95f0",clientSecret="6a1...e08ee32ad77b", refreshPeriod=5]
{Thing device  "GOLD"             [id="28ef61684...6679f0576e13", is_restricted="false"]
 Thing device  "Tablet David"     [id="b3a4c2f6b5cb...1ca49811f", is_restricted="false"]
 Thing device  "Living Room TV"   [id="0e52127724f...ec50c4e", is_restricted="false"]
 Thing device  "Douglas' Room TV" [id="8dffc16...60e953377d4a", is_restricted="false"]

//Player track1Player "Control"        {channel="spotify:player:SpotBridge:trackPlayer"}
String deviceName     "Active Device"  {channel="spotify:player:SpotBridge:deviceName"}
String trackPlay      "Track"          {channel="spotify:player:SpotBridge:trackPlay"}
String trackProgress  "Progress"       {channel="spotify:player:SpotBridge:trackProgress"}
String trackDuration  "Track Duration" {channel="spotify:player:SpotBridge:trackDuration"}
String trackName      "Track Name"     {channel="spotify:player:SpotBridge:trackName"}
String albumName      "Album Name"     {channel="spotify:player:SpotBridge:albumName"}
String artistName     "Artist Name"    {channel="spotify:player:SpotBridge:artistName"}
Slider deviceVol      "Volume"         {channel="spotify:player:SpotBridge:deviceVolume"}
Switch trackShuffle   "Shuffle"        {channel="spotify:player:SpotBridge:trackShuffle"}
Player device1Player  "GOLD"             {channel="spotify:device:SpotBridge:28ef6.....13:devicePlayer"}
Player device2Player  "Tablet David"     {channel="spotify:device:SpotBridge:b3.......11f:devicePlayer"}
Player device3Player  "Living Room TV"   {channel="spotify:device:SpotBridge:0e52...50c4e:devicePlayer"}
Player device4Player  "Douglas' Room TV" {channel="spotify:device:SpotBridge:8dff...53d4a:devicePlayer"}

Can anyone give me some advice as to why the track1Player on the Spotify bridge is not working, and why there is a difference in the Mobile and PaperUI?