Spotify on OpenHab 2?


so i am new at Openhab.
I connected Phillips Hue and Chromecast to OpenHab, the HabPanel is perfect but is there a possibility so i can control Spotify with OpenHab?

Like i can see there Spotify (e.g: and can play it to my Echo?

sorry for this bad english, i am better in reading.

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I haven´t found a direct way to do that. But I use a squeezebox sever, that I can control with with Openhab, sending music to a Chromecast connected to my receiver. In the Logitech Media Server(Squeezebox) you have to add the Spotify and Chromecast plugin.

Hope it helps

I’ve created a python-based integration to Spotify:

the spotify integrations looks great - do you think it would also be possible to use it with amazon music?

Unfortunately not. It’s a completely different API so we’d have to write another set of scripts. Could be done though :slight_smile:

The UI parts certainly should work.

apologies for digging this up but i seem to be stuck when validating the connection.
my client ID is fine, but when trying to auth i get “INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid client”.

Any thoughts ?