Spotify, Speaker, Blockly, OH3

I need to create a rule that can control which speaker the Spotify signal/stream goes to. In the Spotify Binding there is no Item for Speaker/Zone (or similar). Will it be possible to do it in Blockly
Thanx in advance.

The Spotify binding can only select devices that are players themself. If you want to select a different output device this depends on what the player/hardware you want to select different outputs. Blocky can only control devices if this is possible via a binding. So you need to look into the device you want to control and if that device can be controlled with openHAB.

Thanks for taking the time to look into my problem.
The device I am testing with is a player in itself (IKEA/Symfonisk/Bookshelf) and everything actually works fine, when I select it in the Spotify API and all Items/functions in openHAB works fine.
My real problem is when I, from a Blockly script sends:
The Spotify API the goes back to play on the speakers on my local PC.
Now, when I want to listen to Spotyfi again, i manually have to change it back to SYMFONISK in the API.
Is there no way OH can do that?

Hope it maskes sence.

By the way: SYMFONISK = Badevaerelse_Hojtaler

Not sure what you mean by Spotify API. But I suspect when you run the blocky command the SYMFONISK switches to another input type and loses its connection with Spotify cloud, and thus isn’t available again with the Spotify API. Spotify continues playing and continues on the next active device, the PC In that case it’s not possible to start playing again via the Spotify binding, but if there is a binding that works with SYMFONISK then you maybe able to switch it to Spotify and play via the Spotify binding (maybe Sonos binding, but I’m not famili6if that works). In case the SYMFONISK isn’t lost in the Spotify API, you should be able to start playing via the Spotify binding by selecting the SYMFONISK via the deviceName channel or with the Spotify device id via the devices channel.

Yes, Hilbrand, I can confirm that this is what is happening. I have devices where the same happens. I guess the audio sink is a chromecast sink, so the device will automatically switch to the chromecast channel which is happening on my yamaha and onkyo av receivers.

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