Squeezebox Binding 2.0.0.B5 Title Spamming

I have Openhab2 with Squeezebox Binding installed and I have 5 Squeezeboxes.
In the main time on the squeezboxes runs internet radio. Everthing is fine :slight_smile:
But in the event.log the boxes spammed the logfile with new titles even if the box is powered of.
Can I disable the logs of titles somewhere or is there another workaround ?

I found the cause of this. The title channel is being updated with the title and the remote title, which causes the state of the title channel to change on every update received from the lms server.

@digitaldan I included a fix for this in my PR for adding audiosink and TTS notifications. When do you think you’ll have a chance to review my PR?


@vbbaby3 The title spamming fix now is in the latest OH2 snapshot (nightly) build.

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@mhilbush This seems to work :slight_smile:
Thanks for your work