Squeezebox for sale?

anybody has a squeezebox radio for sale? I’d like to move a step to smart home music, and I read a lot about these devices too difficult to find on second hand market.

Thank you.

I have no real squeezebox but only soft squeezeboxes (in fact squeezelite on raspberry and odroid u3) which work perfect :slight_smile:

They are getting harder to find.

I run squeezeplug on a pi.


PicorePlayer is a good implementation of squeezebox on a raspberry pi too…

max2play is another good pi option. does more than just squeezebox, can run kodi and more

The thing with the Squeezeboxes is you’d have to pry it out of my cold dead hands. Those that own them usually love them because there is nothing that compares to them. Going with the software options as others have suggested is the next best thing. If I ever get my hands on a decent USB sound card or dedicated Pi sound card I’d love to try PiCore or Squeezeplug.

I use two soft “squuezes” on the desktop PCs and one on the TV with HDMI audio from the Pi. It’s great

I got a second hand squeezebox radio :grin:
I’ll start to play with it.