Squeezebox RandomMix

Hello Everybody,

i’m quite new with OpenHab2 but now allmost everything is working perfect.
The only thing i’m struggling with are the Random Mixes (e.g. Title Mix, Artist Mix…) which are available on the squeezeserver frontend.

Is there any possibility to select those playlists from OpenHab2 with the squeezebox binding(in the best case select also all the genres that should be included)?

Any hint / help is much appreciated.

Thanks a lot

OK, I did some research.
Via the CLI of the Squeezebox server (Default Port 9090), I can send the command:
00:04:20:22:b8:21 randomplay tracks

which then generates this kind of dynamic playlist.

However, I can see that the CLI Port can be configured in PaperUI/Habmin, but i don’t find any information how one could send commands to the CLI. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

OK, I got it working with the TCP Binding.
Short sum up:

  • Install TCP Binding
  • Set postamble to \n (\n\r) won’t work
    Configure the squeebox mapping:
ON=MAC_ID_OF_THE_SQUEEZEBOX randomplay tracks

configure the corresponding item:

Switch Streaming_Random_Mix {tcp=">[ON:IP_OF_YOUR_SQUEEZEBOX:CLI_PORT:'MAP(squeezebox_cli.map)']"}

By default, this only works if the CLI does not ask for a login