Squeezebox sync on Openhab2

Anyone have a working example of squeezebox sync with OH2? I have tried passing the player MACs to the :sync channel and switching the :unsync channel. Nothing happens. Players otherwise working, updating and controllable via other channels. I also see no changes on the :synch or :unsync bound items when enabling sync from the LMS. Sync works just fine among 2 or 3 players at once.


The :sync channel needs :'s in the MAC, not just the number string used to define the player. To sync to player use sendCommand(squeezeOfficeSync,“00:00:00:00:00:00”)

The :unsync channel set to ON will unsync the player, but does not update the sync channel.

Hey Michael, can you provide any examples of what you are doing? I have two squeezebox players…
Would be great to see an example things, items, sitemap and rules file.