SqueezeBox Title Not Displayed

Hi there,

I am running Openhab 1.7.0 on Raspberry Pi and have just installed the Squeezebox binding. Basic features such as Power, Play/Stop and volume are working correctly, however I cannot get the track title to show, either in Habdroid or the web interface. I have tried a track with a shorter title which did not make any difference. I can see the title name in the openhab.log file.

20:58:27.186 [DEBUG] [io.squeezeserver.SqueezeServer:551 ] - Message received: b8%3A27%3Aeb%3A7a%3Af6%3A7d status - 1 subscribe%3A10 tags%3AyagJlN player_name%3ABedroom1 player_connected%3A1 player_ip%3A10.64.7.30%3A35505 power%3A1 signalstrength%3A0 mode%3Aplay time%3A10.5437800121307 rate%3A1 duration%3A329.088 can_seek%3A1 mixer%20volume%3A88 playlist%20repeat%3A0 playlist%20shuffle%3A1 playlist%20mode%3Aoff seq_no%3A0 playlist_cur_index%3A0 playlist_timestamp%3A1451898736.27643 playlist_tracks%3A1 playlist%20index%3A0 id%3A175 title%3AShe%20Talks%20To%20Angels year%3A0 artist%3ABlack%20Crows genre%3ANo%20Genre album%3ANo%20Album
20:58:27.188 [DEBUG] [b.s.internal.SqueezeboxBinding:243 ] - SqueezePlayer Bedroom1 -> time: 10
20:58:27.190 [DEBUG] [b.s.internal.SqueezeboxBinding:243 ] - SqueezePlayer Bedroom1 -> repeat: 0
20:58:27.192 [DEBUG] [b.s.internal.SqueezeboxBinding:243 ] - SqueezePlayer Bedroom1 -> shuffle: 1
20:58:27.194 [DEBUG] [b.s.internal.SqueezeboxBinding:243 ] - SqueezePlayer Bedroom1 -> currentrack: 0
20:58:27.195 [DEBUG] [b.s.internal.SqueezeboxBinding:243 ] - SqueezePlayer Bedroom1 -> numbertracks: 1

Here is what I have configured.





Switch SqueezeBedroom1Power “Bedroom1 Power” (gSqueeze) { squeeze=“Bedroom1:power” }
Switch SqueezeBedroom1Play “Bedroom1 Play” (gSqueeze) { squeeze=“Bedroom1:play” }
String SqueezeBedroom1Title “Title [%s]” (gSqueeze) { squeeze=“Bedroom1:title” }
Dimmer SqueezeBedroom1Volume “Volume [%.1f %%]” (gSqueeze) { squeeze=“Bedroom1:volume”}


Frame label=“Squeeze Box” {
Switch item=SqueezeBedroom1Power label=“Power”
Switch item=SqueezeBedroom1Play label=“Play”
Text item=SqueezeBedroom1Title label=“Title”
Slider item=SqueezeBedroom1Volume label=“Volume”

Where am I going wrong? Does someone have this working that could share their configuration?
Thanks to all who contribute to the amazing community, it’s what makes OpenHAB so successful.


You don’t need to put a label in your sitemap if your item label is sufficient. If there is one in the sitemap it will be used instead of the item label.

In your case the item label is correct, but your sitemap label has no placeholder for displaying the actual item value (i.e. the [%s]).

This is a common error made by new openHAB users, but it might be worth re-reading the sitemap and item binding WIKI pages to get more familiar.


Thanks Ben, it’s working now once I removed the label=“Title” in the sitemap configuration. As advised, I’ll re-read the items wiki page.
Hows does one get write access to the wiki as I’d like to add an example of the title to the squeezebox binding and/or squeezebox example page?


Hi Ben.
I have an issue where track name displays correctly but artist and album don’t display.
Running 1.7.1 on synology NAS.


String squeezeBoomTrack “Boom [%s]” { squeeze=“Boom:title” }
String squeezeBoomAlbum “Album [%s]” { squeeze=“Boom:album” }
String squeezeBoomArtist “Artist [%s]” { squeeze=“Boom:artist” }

Text item=squeezeBoomTrack
Text item=squeezeBoomArtist
Text item=squeezeBoomAlbum

Any suggestions?

Just sign up to Github and you can edit the WIKI - it is a public page.

What are you playing? Sometimes internet radio stations don’t allow up anything.

Sure. I am usually listening to local server which is fully populated with Track, artist, album etc.
I can get the details via xpl, just not via the squeezebox binding…

Any other suggestions?

I’m having the exact same issue. The only String item that is being populated by squeezebox is the “title”, no others are working (artist,album,coverart, year,genre).

In my log I see

2016-03-07 19:14:06.379 [DEBUG] [io.squeezeserver.SqueezeServer] - Message received: b8%3A27%3Aeb%3A2e%3A84%3Aa1 status - 1 subscribe%3A10 tags%3AyagJlN player_name%3Arasphab player_connected%3A1 player_ip%3A192.168.1.15%3A58065 power%3A1 signalstrength%3A0 mode%3Aplay time%3A160.749124189377 rate%3A1 duration%3A247.973 can_seek%3A1 mixer%20volume%3A100 playlist%20repeat%3A0 playlist%20shuffle%3A0 playlist%20mode%3Aoff seq_no%3A0 playlist_cur_index%3A4 playlist_timestamp%3A1457330587.59405 playlist_tracks%3A15 playlist%20index%3A4 id%3A181 title%3AJar%20Of%20Hearts year%3A2011 artist%3AChristina%20Perri genre%3APop%2FRock artwork_track_id%3Aa7e36c22 album%3ALovestrong 2016-03-07 19:14:06.386 [DEBUG] [b.s.internal.SqueezeboxBinding] - SqueezePlayer rasphab -> time: 160 2016-03-07 19:14:06.387 [DEBUG] [b.s.internal.SqueezeboxBinding] - SqueezePlayer rasphab -> repeat: 0 2016-03-07 19:14:06.388 [DEBUG] [b.s.internal.SqueezeboxBinding] - SqueezePlayer rasphab -> shuffle: 0 2016-03-07 19:14:06.388 [DEBUG] [b.s.internal.SqueezeboxBinding] - SqueezePlayer rasphab -> currentrack: 4 2016-03-07 19:14:06.389 [DEBUG] [b.s.internal.SqueezeboxBinding] - SqueezePlayer rasphab -> numbertracks: 15

my bindings are pretty simple

Dimmer sq_Rasphab_volume "Volume [%.1f %%]" { squeeze="rasphab:volume", imperihab="room:Hifi,label:Squeeze Volume" } String sq_Rasphab_title "Title [%s]" { squeeze="rasphab:title", imperihab="room:Hifi,label:Squeeze Title" } String sq_Rasphab_artist "Artist [%s]" { squeeze="rasphab:artist", imperihab="room:Hifi,label:Squeeze Artist" } String sq_Rasphab_album "Album [%s]" { squeeze="rasphab:album", imperihab="room:Hifi,label:Squeeze Album" } String sq_Rasphab_year "Year [%s]" { squeeze="rasphab:year", imperihab="room:Hifi,label:Squeeze Year" } String sq_Rasphab_genre "Genre [%s]" { squeeze="rasphab:genre", imperihab="room:Hifi,label:Squeeze Genre" } String sq_Rasphab_remotetitle "Remote Title [%s]" { squeeze="rasphab:remotetitle", imperihab="room:Hifi,label:Squeeze Remote Title" } String sq_Rasphab_cover "Cover Art [%s]" { squeeze="rasphab:coverart", imperihab="room:Hifi,label:Squeeze Cover" } Switch sq_Rasphab_play "Play" { squeeze="rasphab:play", imperihab="room:Hifi,label:Squeeze Play" }

Anyone know if there is a fix, or a misconfiguration on my part? This is running against a readynas squeezeserver and a raspberry pi squeezelite player (if that makes any difference at all)