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I think the issue with WAV is that the LMS server by default transcodes it to FLAC. I have tried before and it works if the WAV is on a file share but not over HTTP. Not ever dug deeper to understand but I guess something to do with how you need to read a WAV to transcode.

Gotcha. Seems to make sense. I set up Pico and am having the same problems with the generated wav files - fine if on the LMS server, but not streaming right. I’m looking for a workaround or perhaps a real fix to the streaming problem. If I come up with something, I’ll report it back.

Thanks for the help, everyone.

If you go to LMS advanced settings File Types and look at the formats that are native you may find one that you can produce and use. Certainly MP3 is native.

My only issue is that Pico produces wav, and I’m trying to avoid doing a conversion for every file produced. It may be the only workaround for now (I have tested pico2wave producing the wav and then lame converting it to mp3, then it works). From some LMS developers, the core issue is likely that LMS doesn’t understand the audio format since wav is not standardized. FWIW, below is a response from one of the LMS developers:

LMS doesn’t recognise the stream and IIRC streamign WAV is not part of standard distribution as there is no “de-facto” standard for streaming WAV so for your stream a new audio type and associated handler may be required.

First, LMS needs info to determine the audio format. This info is usually in the Mime of the stream in the HTTP Content-Type header.

MP3 audio/mpeg,audio/mp3,audio/mp3s,audio/x-mpeg,audio/mpeg3,audio/mpg
AAC over ADTS audio/aac,audio/aacp
AAC over MPEG4 audio/m4a,audio/x-m4a,audio/mp4

Ok. I think I understand the problem, but there’s not going to be a fix with the current configuration. Pico TTS outputs 1 channel at 16kHz, but there is no squeeze player than can handle anything less than 2 channels at 32kHz without transcoding - and the problem lies there. So, as a direct output to a squeeze player, the output of Pico as TTS system outputting only WAV is probably a non-starter. Back to the drawing board…