Squeezeboxplayurl error from example

I am getting an error when executing the squeezeboxplayurl or any squeezebox command in a rule. I get the following error:

Error during the execution of rule ‘SqueezePlayerRadioStation’: The name ‘squeezeboxPlayUrl(,)’ cannot be resolved to an item or type

I have searched for this error and have seen one post where it was solved by reinstalling openhab and java. I am a noob and am running a rpi2 with openhab 1.8 . No idea how to reinstall java or openhab on the pi. I upgraded to 1.8 and added the squeezebox test. I do have the includes at the top of the rules file and have the bindings setup correctly i think. I dont know if this is an upgrade issue to 1.8 or some java issue. I try to find solutions as best i can on the web and figure things out but this has me stumped.


Have you installed the squeezebox binding jar file?

This is a skill that will serve you well as you go forward with openHAB and home automation in general so I believe it is well worth learning. The command you want is “apt-get”.

I do know how to get those but they dont do anything if it thinks its up to date. Anyways. I restarted the pi again and its working now. lol. I do like openhab but the learning curve is very time consuming. Thanks to everyone who contributes. Wish i knew more to help out.


You can uninstall using “apt-get remove”.