Ssh fail

i have burned the file image on the sd card and inserted it into the raspberry . i have also checked the IP of the raspberry , then tried to ssh to my raspberry using its IP in order to check the booting progress but i have given this message !!!

Because sshd is not enabled by default.

Further Edit:

You burned what file? A random text file? openHABian, Raspbian, win10 IOT, FooBar?
Please provide better information.

How to enable sshd?


openhabian image , but not the newest version , i’m using V1.1 .

Why not the latest… download the latest and post results.

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If its the openhabian Rpi image, SSH is enabled by default. (there is a empty ssh file on root)
I think this may have changed very long time ago. (I cant recall when it didnt have SSH enabled as default. I have been using openhab (openhabian images since openHAB 2.2.).