SSH login to Openhabian missing CPU load ip date etc

hello, for some reason (probably after moving from 3.2.M3 to 3.3.0.m1) on my RPI when i login with Putty i seem to have lost the menu displaying basic health data. i.e. ip/load/temp/memory etc.

is this expected?


That has nothing to do with openHAB. When you use openHABian there are a number of third party tools and services that also get installed and configured along side of openHAB (Mosquitto, InfluxDB, FrontTail for logs in the browser, etc).

What you used to see and are not seeing now is firemotd. I couldn’t say why it’s not working except to say it has nothing to do with moving from 3.2 to 3.3. But when you did that other stuff may have upgraded too depending on how up upgraded OH and something may have broken.

If you’ve modified your shell settings (.profile, .bashrc, etc) file you may have removed the line that causes firemotd to print out when you long in.

You can try to reinstall and reconfigure firemotd through openhabian-config menu option 10.

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hi Rich, ty for the explanation… indeed something is going on, temp is running about 5 degrees higher also and cpu usage has doubled… strange.

will poke around a little ty


Displaying firemotd output was recently removed from .bash_profile on new installs of openHABian
because it actually fails to display the cache and takes up to 20 secs to evaluate all the data.
(probably if you reinstall it via menu this may remove it, too).

thanks Markus is there a clever way to get it back in there?

Sure, insert
FireMotD --theme Gray
somewhere in ~/.bash_profile towards the end.

FWIW I just ‘hacked’ it back:

 if [ -f ~/.firemotd-cache ]; then
     cat ~/.firemotd-cache
 (FireMotD --theme Gray > ~/.firemotd-cache &) &>/dev/null

@mstormi It will actually be removed every time, as we are currently still overwriting the bash profile on every launch of openhabian-config for a breaking change a few months back. So to manually override it you would need to put it in .profile however Markus’s fix to the main code should also take care of it.

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hey Ethan - Soo if the code is changed by Markus - what is the solution to having the display? do I run an update; how; sudo update all; @ndye

You will need to run sudo openhabian-config and then allow it to update when prompted. It should then appear once you login next.

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i had several days to log in with ssh so when i did firemotd was missing,i did a backup and update and it came back on but i think something i not right ,for example i just did an update and it shows that i have 34 apt updates available.

Data will get updated when you login but on login it will show the data from the last time you’ve logged in.