SSH to openHAB2: Backspace not working

I’m using openHAB2 on Windows. When opening a SSH session to openHAB2, backspace is not working.

I tried all the available settings in PUTTY: Control-H or Control-? for backspace key, VT100 etc. None is working.

Solutions for this common problem (beside openHAB) I found always recommend to use “stty”, which is not available in the Karaf Console.

What am I missing?

Seems to be an issue in Karaf up to version 4.0.4 (the version openHAB2 is using)

Was fixed in Karaf 4.0.5

Seems that we have to wait until openHAB2 is using a newer version of Karaf.

Edit: Was fixed in build 660 containing Karaf 4.0.8.