SSL cert

I have myopenhab online and devices on my phone. Work locally. Want remote access but unable to get past the SSL Cert install. Very new to all of this. So what have I missed?

Where do you think to be needing SSL Certs?
Speeking for the android app: If you have an online myopenhab account, all you need to do is putin your credentials for the remote access.


Do you talk about your local instance of the myopehab cloud hosted by yourself ?
To help more details about the problem are required.

In the app settings asks for. Remote url. Got that. Then under that it asks for SSL certificate. Been trying several days fiqure it out. I’m very new to this.

Oddly enough. It has started working ok today. Not sure why the long delay

I’m using it without setting the SSL cert.

This started working today. Not sure why the long delay

Thanks. Not sure why but mine started working today as well. Didn’t work for a couple of days. So thought I needed settings to be done. Undone what I was doing and it’s fine.