Ssl client certificate

After updating the application to openHAB 2.12.1 I cannot connect from outside LAN to openhab2. I have the message “SSL handshaking failed”.
On the second phone with the December 2019 app, the connection works normally.
I have external IP and correctly redirected ports. How to fix it?

What phone are you using?

Is the ssl certificate on your proxy server expired?

Huawei P30

How to check? I did not install additional certificates.

You did not say how you connect your app to openHAB over the Internet so I made a guess.

It helped unblocking the port on 8443. Thank you.

I hope would are not exposing your unsecured system to the Internet. That is asking for big trouble.

OpenHAB is insecure by design and there is a documentation page on ways to secure it better. I personally use a reverse proxy secured by a logon.

For remote access you can also you

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I think we both agree that openHAB should not be directly exposed to the Internet.

Correct, you shouldn’t do that.

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