ST7789 IPS + rpi?

hey folks,
bit offtopic, but still … can be worse :stuck_out_tongue:

wondering if someone got this IPS

working with RPI?

You made a wrong turn This is not the Raspberry Pi forum.

I believe you can run spi devices from the pi GPIO but I could be wrong. If this is a common device, there will be a library somewhere

so… what, DIY hardware, there is no need to comment everything when you dont have much to say, rly

yeah sure i can, library is bit of pain honestly, all i found so far is arduino or not working on rpi much

@kriznik, there is no need to reply to a comment is suck a way, bruce’s comment was valid. It is off topic and should have been posted is a pi forum.
@Bruce_Osborne, kriznic is active on the forum and introduced the topic as “bit off topic” in his first post. Your comment was valid if a little blunt.