Stability problems after update

I am running openhab on raspbian on my raspberry pi. I recently upgraded and Im now having stability problems. The system is slow sometimes, other times I can’t connect at all. Google Home connection is wonky now and my rules aren’t working so well.
Ive followed instructions for clearing the cache and restarted several times.
Ive attached an image of my logs.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From what version to what version?

Does that "Failed installing 'openhab-action-mail'" message come around regularly? That feels like the common addons.config problem.

@Bruce_Osborne I’m not sure what version I started with. I used the ssh configure tool to upgrade to the latest.

@rossko57 I don’t typically check the logs so im not sure.

Well, you’re looking for a problem. Now might be the time to look in your logs - what I am asking is if that installation failure message comes up every few minutes.

Any invalid addon configured will cause stability problems as all addons are reloaded in an attempt to load the invalid one. Restdocs is a common culprit since its path changes in 2.5. It looks like that other error could be your issue.

Only you can find the bad entry and remove it after stopping openHAB.

Ok I checked the logs. I’m not sure what Restdocs are.
I added a screen shot of my addons along with the logs. Looks like zigbee which i’m not using is causing an error. i WILL remove zigbee to see if this helps.
All of my sensors are zwave for the most part.Should I remove the zwave addon and reinstall?

addons If I remove do I need to re-add everything?

You can also see the offending mail action in there as well. Be smart to remove that, too?

That is the addons.cfg file in the configuration directory that us usually all commented out. The addons,config file is where openHAB stores its configuration somewhere under userdata.

Restdocs is the REST API Documentation web interface.

EDIT: If there was an error about the mail action I would remove it to see if things stabilize.

EDIT@:There is a new v2 mail binding so you need to enable the legacy addons to enable the old one. This is documented in the Release Notes for 2.5. The publish them in the announcements so people can avoid issues.

I believe you upgraded from an earlier version to 2.5 and ran into the issues with the mail binding and the restdocs.
My system was behaving exactly like this (Zwave going from online to offline constantly) until I made the changes that were announced during the upgrade process as well as in the changelog (change location of Restdocs, disable mail binding, both in addons.cfg)

@Bruce_Osborne @rossko57 @Sascha_Billian
I really appreciate you taking the time to help me with my problem. I removed the mail addon, realized I wasn’t using it. I didn’t have restdocs installed in misc.

Crossing my fingers this works. Will update and this thread with tomorrow with solution if this works.
Thanks again!

There is no mail action any more. Instead please use the mail binding (you can get the action from the binding, see

for detail.

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This is already pinned as a topic visible to everybody.
I don’t understand why there’s still so many people who fail to read all the hints we give, even so when they encountered problems ? What else do you need, blinking arrows like that in ‘Naked Gun 2 1/2’ ??