Stable zwave solution

Is there a stable zwave solution to run in parallel with Openhab.
With the old binding 2.2 it lost connection with the devices on and off, and with the new one i lost some devices and others i can not control from Openhab.
I want to have an parallel solution so i can control roller shutters and so on when Openhab mess up.


I’ve been using the vera platform for zwave for about 4 years. It is pretty solid at doing just zwave. If you start trying to let it do advanced plugins and automation it chokes. I have no hesitation recommending it as a standalone zwave controller to be addressable by openhab.

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zwave in openhab native 2.2 seems more stable than anything else I’ve tired (great work @chris and others) - though I confess I have an issue with one sensor not reporting temp at the moment, that I haven’t investigated

Maybe some more info on your issues (logs) would help get native sorted unless you’re sold on third party

You cannot run zwave devices against two (primary) controllers without getting you into trouble.
(Almost) every device will need to have at least a main association (lifeline) and there can be only a single master.
But if your zwave networks works with a Vera, it will work as-well with openHAB/zwave binding.
If not, you have possibly chosen unreliable controller hardware or placed it badly.

What you can do is to have a SUC (a secondary zwave controller) which will allow you to send commands to devices without going through openHAB and the primary controller in the openHAB box.
Get a Keyfob or zwave remote, available from Aeotec, Fibaro and Düwi (at least).
This is what I use to operate my rollershutters, too.