(stackable) home automation toggle switches

Not sure that the title explains what I need, so I’ll elaborate:
We have three horizontal toggle switches that control two outside lights and one internal light. They are laid out like the menu item in the upper right of this page just to the right of the search icon, all in a single switch cover. Something like this http://bit.ly/2kOywNf. I would like to replace these with something that will work with a Wink hub. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Sadly there isnt much available for dual, not to mention triple switches… Leviton makes a double but its very expensive

Your best bet is probably to wire all the loads off that existing switch so they are always on, replace the triple switch with a scene controller, and install switch modules wherever they terminate.

You can then map each module to a button on your scene controller just as if it were your old triple switch.

Hope that helps!