Standard functions rule error

Hi guys,
Running Openhab 2, and trying to get started with rules but running into a “method undefined” error for logDebug. It also happens with other functions such as sendGetHttpRequest, or when I try to concatenate Strings with “+”.

rule "Welcome Home Rule"
  Item Michael_At_Home changed from OFF to ON 
	var String message = "Welcome Home Michael"
	logDebug("SImple Welcome Rule", message)

Any help appreciated, googling didn’t bring me anywhere and don’t know what else to try.

Error in the logs or Designer? If in Designer are you running 0.8 or the latest snapshot?

The latest snapshot has a bug that causes it to not recognize pretty much everything. Use the 0.8 release (despite the message on the docs right now) until this bug gets fixed.

And even with 0.8 you will find that it will not recognize the non-default actions.

I’m using the Eclipse Smart Home designer and the errors show up there. It’s version

Are you saying that the rules would execute correctly and it’s just the designer throwing errors? I guess I could create the rules in Sublime text or something and just save in the folders, if I didn’t need syntax support?

Yes, it is just a bug in Designer. They are just text files but I recommend downloading 0.8 and using that sir the next week or so until 0.9 gets fixed. The syntax checking and ctrl-space auto completion is really important, particularly to learn the syntax of the language and discover the meetings on objects.

I personally couldn’t do a thing with now if not for ctrl-space.

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Cool works. Just downloaded 0.8 and no errors. Thanks!