START_APP not working on habpanelviewer

I installed habpanelviewer 0.9.19 from the App Store, but I can’t get the start_app to work.
It pops up in the command log in habpanelviewer, but with red text.
RESTART, SCREEN_DIM works like they should.

If I install the version 0.9.18 I works perfectly, is the command changed in the new version ?

The command I send to my item, and habpanelviewer listen to is,
START_APP cn.sibo.jack.offscreen

Do you get any details when you click on the command entry in the command log?

I only get this in the log

Have you clicked on one of the entries?

I don’t understand your question

I have tried with two apps none of them works,
But when I use the start app button in the menu bar and choose the same apps it works.

Have you used you finger to touch one of the log entries visible in your picture? If there are any details, the row will expand to show them.

I have looked in the code and found a bug. Check if this fixes your problem:

Uninstall the play store version before installing the apk.

It works with the new apk