Start bash script after openhab (habpanel) is complettely started

Is it possible trigger a bash script after openhab was complettely started ?
I would like after complettely OH start to run chrome browser in fullscreen mode with habpanel.


#! /bin/bash
sleep 90
chromium-browser --start-fullscreen http://oh2ip:8080/habpanel/index.html

That’s not really an OH question so please mind your tags. You can write a bash script, triggered from cron or systemd startup, to check if OH is running and to do a ‘tail’ on openhab.log to, then fire up your browser.
Pls g**gle for more input on running generic scripts at startup times.
But I’d question the idea of running a browser on your OH server machine, definitely not a recommended deployment mode .

It doesn’t really mean that as it doesn’t mean things are already initialized which can take from seconds to hours depending on your setup.
I’d add a rule on “when System started” and take some action there (send an instant message, blink a light, play a sound, whatever). If required determine how long it takes from there on until your system is fully initialized and then insert a sleep() into your your rule.

Can’t teach you scripting on the go. G**gle or use another mechanism that works without scripts like those I suggested.