Start one binding with another binding


I am running OH2 and I have installed Rfxcom, and a Lighting4 movement sensor
I have paired the sensor with a item in the web user interface.

I would like it to trick a input on my ihc binding so I opens .items and inserted this on the same switch item as the rfx sensor {ihc=“9953290”}

Then a press the switch in the web interface it turns on the light on my ihc binding, but then the sensor turns on the switch, the light does not turn on, but the switch does in the web interface.

Do I need to make a rule to make it work?
The sensor sends a on signal but not a off.
so I need some kind I rule that turns the switch off again.
The ihc binding needs a pulse input.
So both input needs to go off after 3sec.

Can someone help me, because I can’t see why I can’t have two bindings linked to the same switch item.

Please post your code because your description doesn’t make sense to me.

If what you are trying to do is cause a light to turn on when a motion sensor triggers then your best solution is to use a Rule.


If a binding is installed, it will always be running and looking for config information to integrate it into the items/rules/things files.

As rikoshak said, if you want to have one binding influence the state of another then you link the relevant items with a rule.