on openhab2 location?

Hi all,
I’m configuring a Comfoair binding and I need, as written on note2 of the binding guide, to modify the
It is even available on openhab2 (the binding is for openhab1 but it is compatible with openhab2)? Otherwise, where can I set the new virtual port in order to make it available to openhab2?

This is the note:
"… If you are using non standard serial ports you have to adapt to have the serial port included. the java command line should then include the following parameters:
where ttyAMA0 is the path to your serial port. Please be aware to change all scripts you might use for startup (debug, automatic start in linux,…) …"

In openHAB 2 you can set the port in the file /etc/defaults/openhab2. Search the forum for ‘udev rule serial’.

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Thank you!
It worked! I added where virtualCom is my virtual port!

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