Starting and stoping the zwave bundle consecutively kills openhab

Hi Chris! (This question is mainly related to him, but anyone using the zwave binding can try it)

In my system the zwave controller is not physically connected to the server, I’m using a raspberry pi with the aeon labs gen2 stick and socat to create a virtual port in the server. I’m using a zwave network in a school classroom and openhab is installed in one of the school’s servers, that why I can’t plug the zwave stick directly to the server’s usb ports. This configuration is working fine, so the pi/socat combination is a great idea if you want to place your controller far from the server.

In order to improve the reliability of the system, I have developed a python script that checks if the connection between the pi and the server is fine, and if the “link” is down, I stop the zwave binding using a telnet command. And here is where the problem comes, I have done some tests starting/stopping the binding and sometimes the openhab java process dies when doing it. Here you have the steps:

telnet localhost 5555
ss (get the zwave bundle id -> 224)
stop 224
start 224
stop 224
start 224 …
Booom, the binding tries to connect to the serial port and openhab suddenly dies without any message.

Can anyone try to reproduce my steps and see if the same is happening with his zwave installation? I don’t know if it’s a problem with the binding, with the serial library or with openhab, but as far as I know, I binding problem shouldn’t affect the openhab process, the bindings should be isolated.

Many thanks for your help and looking forward to hearing some feedback.

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I suspect that this is probably an error with the binding as I have noticed that if I remove the USB stick in my system, that OH sometimes stops. I’ve never tried to work out why though - in theory, all exceptions should be caught, so it may be an issue with the driver (but that’s a guess).

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I have also noted this. Just an hour ago, I removed the “aeon labs gen2 stick” from my openhab server (Raspberry PI) to include a new Z-Wave device elsewhere in the house. When I got back and plugged the stick back into the PI, I noticed that OH was no longer working. After a restart of OH all is working well again.