Starting from scratch, should i use Sitemaps / Pages or Dashboard?

It’s worth noting that if you situate your Items into the semantic model, you get the Locations, Equipment and Properties tabs created and populated for you for free. The amount of effort is roughly equivalent to Sitemaps.

Also, a lot if not most “wiz-bang” stuff can and should be installed from the marketplace instead of requiring users to code custom widgets themselves.

I’m not arguing for or against anything here, just pointing out that using MainUI with minimal effort is possible.

Yeah indeed having a precise Model provides a very good location / properties and equipment tab which do most of the stuff, i spent quite a lot of time on the Model now and i am happy with the layout also on the tablet, i like the way i can group different sources into one logical object, still i have played briefly with HabPanel and it might be better if you want a dense control OR if you do not want to have a scrollable display (like a read only e-ink device), haven’t found a way to have a static layout on Pages

If you set the Column Options for each widget to the same percentage regardless of the screen size I think that will result in kind of a static screen. But I think the widgets themselves will get narrower on smaller screen instead of wrapping to the next line instead of scroll bars so that may be an undesirable approach. But it might get you there.

If you want lost of different displays for different devices, HABPanel is probably the best way to go.

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I think this is a viewpoint shared by some of us who upgraded from OH2 to OH3 and had working sitemaps already in place. As Rich noted, if you build your system in OH3 then Main UI pages are relatively easy to produce. That’s why I recommend that new users try Main UI pages first; they’re a logical extension of the semantic model. Sitemaps and HabPanels are completely separate.

I say this as someone who only has a single sitemap, a single HabPanel, and no pages. Most of my interaction is through Google Assistant, so I haven’t felt the need to adapt. That’s going to change when I move to OH4–I can’t help new users if I don’t know what they’re talking about.

I have in mind to extend the default sitemap to include locations, equipments and properties. But that is another story and that is certainly too late for OH4 (maybe added later during the summer).