Starting Harmony Activity from OpenHab

I have read through the docs and forum posts and still can not pull this together…

I want to create a switch to start a Harmony Hub Activity.

I have installed the binding and added the hub as well as all of the devices to my system.

I queried the REST API looking for my activity but did not see it listed.

I find this as my channel ID for the HUB:

And the activity I want to start is called Theatre

What is the syntax to create an item so that I can turn Theatre on?

Must I use rules?

This should be fairly simple but I am getting lost.



For triggering the activities you need the following


Bridge harmonyhub:hub:xxxx "Harmony Hub" @ "Living Room" [ host="" ]


String Harmony_Activity         "Current Activity [%s]"     { channel="harmonyhub:hub:xxxx:currentActivity" }

My sitemap:

Switch item=Harmony_Activity label="Power Off" mappings=[ PowerOff="PowerOff" ]
Switch item=Harmony_Activity label="Activity" mappings=[ TV="TV", Kodi="Kodi",Radio="Radio" ]
Switch item=Harmony_Activity label="Activity" mappings=[ Chromecast="Chromecast", "Chromecast Audio"="Chromecast Audio"]

So simple change one of the above mappings to Theatre

Do I understand your format correctly (I’ve renamed a sample here)?

Switch item=Harmony_Activity label="Activity" mappings=[ activity_name_in_harmony_system="label_for_basic_ui"]

So why do you have two Activity lines? From what I can tell you could have just put all 5 of your mappings into a single line, right?

I splitted it in 2 lines for better formatting on my mobile device. Otherwise I had to swipe to the right/left. Now everything is perfectly readable

Makes sense - each line in this file renders as a new row in the Basic UI (and thus in the mobile native app). Very helpful, thank you for posting!