Starting out with openHAB1 or openHAB2?

I’m just at the beginning of my Home Automation Adventure, which means that I’m currently just planning what hardware and software and system/protocoll I will use.
Since I have a Raspberry Pi 3, and also have decided to start by using Z-wave stuff, I’ve come to the conclusion that getting a Z-wave stick/board to my RPi3 and using openHAB would be a good start.
So, when I started reading about openHAB I realized that a openHAB2 is about to come, and is currently in beta phase.

My question is simply, is openHAB2 good enough to use for me, or is it better to start with a (probably?) more stable openHAB1?


For what it’s worth, I’m using the daily builds of OH2, updating every once in a while (mainly when I decide to play with my installation again).

Things work well for me with my setup of Netatmo + Philips hue lights + MQTT for custom-built hardware, everything running on my RP3.

I started with the OH2, many things are the same - and now there’s pretty good information about it - so go for the OH2…
The stability is OK, and the compatibility with old bindings are almost 100% ok

In my experience, having switched over from OH 1 to OH 2 a couple months ago is OH 2 is as stable, at least with the bindings I’m using, one of which is zwave, as OH 1 was. I’d recommend starting with OH 2.

Thanks everyone.
I’ll go for OH2 then…whenever I actually get the time to do it…