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As I student, I wanted to look at openhab source code to educate myself a little bit, I wanted to look specifically the codes related to events-bus when a event happens. and also to see how the longing system works and get those events (subscribe)

While it’s very well documents, there is a lot of information to digest and couldn’t find my way around.
I was wondering if there is any tutorial or explanatory videos for people like me who are just starting with this… setting up everything.

Also I would appreciate if someone can tell me where is the part of the code that handle the logging and how events goes to the event bus.

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Hello @ChrisX,

I have been trying to set up the environment to make a binding, however following the steps to get started I got stuck.

I am still trying to get started. Let exchange ideas whe we get along.

@ChrisX @Charley
i can guide you. at which stage you are? have you managed to checkout the source code with git? what is your IDE?

Hello @yfre

I got as far that I have installed Eclipse on a Windows 10 machine.
Was not able to get to the source code that’s where I got stuck
On my laptop I have IntelliJ installed but that is with OpenJDK 11

It’s good to educate yourself. However, I can’t help you. Your question is to broad and your probably asking about something because you think it will help you understanding, while your actual quest is probably something different.

If you want to learn about the core. Install eclipse and a binding, for example the astro binding and set a breakpoint on the status update in the binding and walk from there through the code into the core code and then you can see what happens where.

Please open a new thread, your hijacking this thread about installing eclipse for binding development.

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