Starting with OpenHAB, z-Wave, reusing Alix 2D13 Board

I want to learn the platform by implementing a small project. My very first Use-Case should control smoke detectors with OpenHAB using the z-Wave net. I want to start the project using my Win10 Notebook. To connect to the smoke detectors, I intend to buy a z-Wave PC-Adapter (USB). If everything works fine, I want to install the OpenHAB on my Alix 2D13 Board and to move the whole project to this box.
Did anyone try this approach and which z-Wave Adapter is suitable? I found this device:

The Alix 2D13 Board looks way underpowered to run openHAB. openHAB is barely functional running on an original Raspberry Pi which has twice the RAM and almost twice the processing power as this board.

I don’t know if this list is still valid but there is a list of supported controllers for the 1.9 version of the zwave binding. You won’t go wrong choosing one of those.